What Is The Small Safety Deposit Box And Its Advantages

Small safe, as the name suggests a special container with the insurance company, according to its purpose is mainly divided into home safes, personal safes, commercial safes, Office safes, hotel safes, hotel safes, Government safes, Bank safes, financial safety deposit box and so on. Each safe has its national standards. According to the password works, small safety deposit box can be divided into electronic password safes, mechanical password safe password safe, and fingerprints of three mechanical characteristics of safe is cheaper, more reliable performance. Early safe safe, mostly machinery, but rather than electronic safe convenient to use. Small safe species complex currently on the market, more than 90% in the market are using electronic combination safe, because it is easy to use by the majority of consumer recognition and fingerprint password safe is slowly rising in recent years.
In developed, family has small safe of proportion reached 90%, in China proportion not to 5%, according to about sector is expected to, in future of 10 years in, China family has safe of proportion reached 15% above, according to now of price calculation, market capacity at least growth 5 times times above; again plus government enterprises market, and hotel market, and increasingly developed of financial markets, and increasingly strictly of Government items management brings of Government safe, market, Small safety deposit box is certainly within the last 10 years the fastest growing profession in the world.
Small safety deposit box has the following advantages:
1 laser cutting technology, micro-joints, which would only confuse burglary tools.
2, the unique arc angle drawing process to ensure that original rigid material.
3, the use of brushed metal Panel, aesthetics, security, security.
4, and zero-touch technology, anti-theft design.
5, equipped with anti-fall, anti-vibration opener, 360-degree protection.
6, humanized design eliminates casters can be abnormal movement of security risks.
7, double lock control device of double defense to enhance safety performance.
8, equipped with steel protection form key parts of armored protection.
9, Super space design, built-in space with your free plan.
10 super large opening angle to accommodate the storage of larger items.