The Security Of The Safe Is Strong

Safe, can be used as a well-off family choice, which is the beginning of happiness; of course the main purpose of the safe is used for business office, banking, government, public security, hotels, gas stations, jewelry, business, ATM, Shopping malls, supermarkets and other places.

Main features of the safe deposit box

World - class CNC laser cutting machine technology;

Door, door frame to achieve the integration of precision manufacturing process;

Anti-theft performance than the conventional process greatly improved;

Unique set of anti-pull, tamper, Safe Deposit Box self-locking function in one electronic lock, leading a new revolution in safe technology;

Box steel plate all use high-quality low-carbon alloy steel, more solid;

Box thickness of 6MM, and the use of a molding technology, more solid;

In the door, the key parts of the latch to increase anti-drilling function, more secure;

LCD display digital, dual-screen prompts to use the program, Safe Deposit Box free to clear the password, confidentiality strong. While the button design more humane, convenient and easy;

Safe use of precious stones blue, silver and white design, innovative and generous, leading the new trend of safe color.

The safety deposit box adopts the high quality material of the alloy steel and improves the manufacturing performance with the whole carbon steel material by the whole one. The safe cabinet adopts the whole closed and seamless welding manufacturing process, Safe Deposit Box and has the advantages of super anti-knocking and tampering.

Configure the high-performance anti-technology to open the anti-theft blade lock, to prevent the professional technology to open; lock set lock mechanism, forced to destroy the external force, Safe Deposit Box the lock mechanism automatically locked, play a double protection; large coin cabinet, using world-class High-tech CNC laser cutting machine technology, so that the most critical parts of anti-theft - door frame, door to achieve integrated precision manufacturing process, leaving remote remote alarm system interface, Safe Deposit Box at any time technology upgrades.

In the coin cabinet was damaged or abnormal circumstances, by phone or mobile phone, automatically alarm to the duty room or 110 alarm center, to prevent the configuration of the band with the zigzag of the coin slotted slot, Technology, do not take up space.

Safety Features Key Features Certified Fire Performance and Structural Testing The precision design of the safe box goes beyond the most stringent industry standards.

Safe box for the seamless structure, to make up for the lack of design in the past, Safe Deposit Box the unique ultra-fine foam concrete design is the most effective insulation at high temperatures. The safe keeps your valuables safer. To ensure that it is in any state of outstanding performance.

In the test we simulated the worst of the environment. The box after the drop is completely intact.

1, fire test: According to the national test large GB16810-1997 will be tested fire safety cabinets into the high temperature furnace for fire test.

2, high temperature combustion: measured fire safety by the highest temperature control point 1030 ℃, burning 1 hour after the live.

3, fall test: after high temperature burning, Safe Deposit Box followed by a red or hot fire safe was raised to 4 meters height for the fall test. ,

Test results: the highest temperature control point 1030 ℃ after burning 1 hour, Safe Deposit Box was raised to 4 meters height for the fall test, the results of the box structure intact, the paper paper color are the same, measured the highest temperature inside the box only 118 ℃ Far below the national standard.