The Safe Is Made Of High Quality Alloy Steel

The safety deposit box is a special container, according to its function is divided into fire safety and safe and safe, anti-magnetic safe, fire and magnetic safety deposit box and so on.

Safe Deposit Box Each safe has its own national standard. There are two types of safes on the market.

3C certification of the safe (cabinet) according to the actual height of the cabinet (not including the height of the casters) in 450 mm or more called the safe, the actual height of the cabinet below 450 mm (including 450 mm) called the safe.

According to the different working principle of the password, anti-theft safe can be divided into two kinds of mechanical insurance and electronic insurance, the former is characterized by cheaper prices, more reliable performance. Most of the early safes were mechanical safes. Electronic safety box is the electronic password, IC card and other intelligent control mode of electronic locks applied to the safe, which is characterized by easy to use, especially in the hotel, the need to frequently change the password, so the use of electronic password safe, it is more convenient.

Safe Deposit Box In fact the concept of safe on the market is relatively vague. Safe from the insurance point of view can be divided into fire safety box, anti-theft safe, anti-magnetic safe, and so on.

Safe function

First, the choice of well-off families, happy family needs.

⒈ important documents and valuables placed. Such as contract, contract, birth certificate, academic certificate, real estate license, certificate, etc., to avoid the need to place because of chaos can not find.

⒉ place a small amount of emergency or spare cash, commemorative coins, precious collection or very personal items, stamps, coins, antique, jewelry, jewelry, gold watch.

⒊ placed personal items, personal special items, not others to see items and so on.

⒋ children should not be placed in contact with items, medicines, dangerous goods (such as guns), adult supplies.

⒌ Safe Deposit Box modern home decoration without the trend of the lock, the increasingly frequent social life, home often ask the case of foreign workers more need.

Second, in the business office, banks, government, public security, hotels, gas stations, jewelry line, business hall, ATM machine, cashier, shopping malls, supermarkets ... ... are widely used.

Safety box technical characteristics

◆ Strengthen the use of solid chrome-plated steel bolt, playing on three sides, the use of more at ease.

Key Features of GUNSAFE Firearms Cabinets

◆ open the lock can choose fingerprint lock, adjustable precision mechanical lock or electronic password lock, strong confidentiality, excellent anti-theft performance;

◆ The use of world-class high-tech CNC laser cutting machine technology, so that the most critical parts of the door frame, door to achieve integrated precision manufacturing process, anti-theft performance than conventional manufacturing process greatly improved;

◆ cabinet with high-strength low-carbon alloy steel high-quality materials and the overall molding technology, fully enclosed seamless welding manufacturing, with superior anti-drilling, tamper performance;

◆ use of gun separation device, each gun and ammunition to provide security locking device, safe home;