The Safe Is Getting More And More Popular

Safe type

The safety box is defined as a cabinet that is equipped with mechanical and electronic locks (including password lock, IC card lock, etc.) under the specified conditions for a specified period of time. According to the safety level, it is divided into A1, A2, B1, B2 , B3, C total of 6 categories, Safe Deposit Box A1 security level minimum, should be able to prevent the use of ordinary hand tools, portable power tools and grinding head and these tools with each other in the net working hours within 15 minutes to open the door or cabinet, Body type 38 square centimeters through hole.C class of the highest level of safety should be able to prevent the use of ordinary hand tools, Safe Deposit Box portable power tools, grinding head and dedicated portable power tools, torch and explosives, the net working hours within 60 minutes to open the cabinet Door or in the cabinet door, the cabinet caused 13 square centimeters through the hole, its quality is not less than 450 kg.

3. safe deposit box purchase:

Currently on the market most of the safe for the A1 class, there are a variety of shapes, styles of products, consumers can purchase according to need, Safe Deposit Box regardless of what kind of safe deposit box products, consumers should pay attention to the following aspects:

① the safety of the cabinet surface film (or spray film) color should be uniform, can not have obvious cracks, gowns, spots and other defects.

② cabinet height ≤ 600 mm safe, the door and the door frame on the right and left gap ≤ 1.5 mm, under the gap ≤ 2 mm, the gap over the General Assembly to reduce anti-theft performance.

③ Class A and Class B safety boxes should be fitted with fixing holes when equipped with less than 340 kg. They are equipped with fixed parts and instructions for fixed instructions. Safe Deposit Box Be careful and keep them in accordance with the instructions of the manual.

④ safe door general door thickness of 8-10 mm, cabinet thickness of 6 mm or more, so as to ensure the performance of anti-theft, the purchase should be asked to the store plate thickness.

Safe more and more popular, must have its own advantages:

1, family financial management: With the increase in income, and now many people will place a small amount of cash, people go out for a long time, in case of theft, but also heavy losses, Safe Deposit Box especially at home jewelry, calligraphy and painting, real estate license, the use of safe Will be added to the user's property security insurance.

2, the safe size of the small, but full-featured: the general model of the two are safe, can be placed in about 50 yuan in face value of cash, you can also real estate license, bank cards, passbooks, notes and other important family Book items into. Open the safe, the general need to add a digital password, Safe Deposit Box and two different keys, different safe password is not the same, and some need to use the power of the numeric keypad, and some for the turntable, can be described as triple insurance different types of hidden locks Hole, insurance is powerful.

3, can be secretly installed, built-in wall: the majority of Zhengzhou safe on the back of the installation hole can be embedded in the wall, with expansion screws fixed, hanging on the wall can be an ornament, outsiders difficult to see insurance Cabinet position, more difficult in a short time to remove it removed. There are some things fixed buckle can be fixed on the wall or corner.