Strong Confidentiality Of The Safe

A safe is a special kind of container, because of its own material and design is different, so safe has good storage capacity. There are many kinds of safe categories, then we go to one by one to know and understand them!

Safe can be chosen as a well-off family, Safe Deposit Box which is where happiness begins; Of course, the main purpose of the safe is to use for business office, Bank, government, public security, hotel, gas station, jewelry, shop, ATM, cashier, shopping malls, supermarkets and other places.

The safe is used to place more expensive items, in well-off families are also used, such as in the inside of their own home contracts, contracts, birth certificates, academic certificates, house property, Notarial books, etc., Safe Deposit Box to avoid the need for disorderly placement and can not find, but also in the safe box for children to be able to contact dangerous goods, drugs and so on can also place the usual petty cash, stamps, commemorative coins, jewelry, jewelry, antiques and so on.

Maintenance and maintenance of safe

1, the rotation of the mechanical code lock, the need to be patient to turn, do not violently rotate, at the same time to remember the direction and the number of times, Safe Deposit Box such as inadvertently exceed the mark line, can not be poured back, must start again.

2, set the safe password best safe door open case, password settings, should enter the new password operation several times, after confirmation, the safe can be locked.

3, do not put the manual, emergency key locked in the safe box.

4, when the alarm is used, Safe Deposit Box the internal switches and electronic components do not arbitrarily transfer.

5, the safe must be placed in the appropriate location to prevent damage to the safe.

Main features of safe deposit box:

World-class CNC laser cutting machine technology;

Door。 The door frame realizes the integrated precision manufacture craft;

The anti-theft performance is greatly improved than the conventional technology;

Super strong voice prompt function;

Unique set of anti-pull, tamper-proof, Safe Deposit Box self-locking function in one electronic lock, leading-edge safe technology new revolution;

The box steel plate all uses the high quality low carbon alloy steel, is stronger;

Box thickness up to 6MM, and adopt a molding technology, more solid;

In the door, the key parts of the bolt to increase the drilling function, more secure;

LCD display digital, using dual-screen prompts to use the program, Safe Deposit Box can be free to display password, strong confidentiality. At the same time the key design more humane, convenient and easy;

The safe uses the sapphire blue, the silver white two-color design, the novel generous, leads the safe color new trend.