Select The Safe Must Be Appropriate

With the development of society, improvement of people's living standards, however, safe is every home should have. Buy safe, we must first know the size you want, then to satisfy the functional requirements. If you are buying a safe size is too big or too small, you may not correspond to the space reserved for you, either be placed or left too much space. Most of all, be clear on your purchase demand and use of the safety deposit box.
Know sizes, uses, prices must clear the pool risks through 3C certification, electronic or mechanical locks, although the mechanical lock is gradually out of the market, but there are still some selling in the market. Not all safes on the market through 3C certification, there are safe. If you don't know, you can call and ask.
These clear understanding about not having a point of sale, if there is no point of sale better clear aftermarket can solve. At the time of purchase the best cod, or put down a small deposit, or signed the contract, it is best to buy relatively authoritative site. Safes are delivered to make sure no bumps, opened a formal invoice, and possesses a certificate of competency shall be acceptance.
Used more and more frequently in everyday life safe in, but why security technology continues to improve, safe but not safe? are detailed as follows:
1, safe the original password must be changed;
2, keep in mind that the key and open the safe;
3, password, birthday, or a sequential number;
4, preventing the safe being troops ';
5, members of the public to purchase solid screw safety deposit box more secure.