Safe With Tamper-proof Performance

What are the main functions of the safe? Whether it's a personal family or a bank hotel, you need a safe and convenient place to store valuables and important documents. Safe in the family, business office, Banking, government, public security, ATM machines, cashier and other fields are widely used, and modern life and work closely related!

The safe uses the alloy steel high quality material and the whole time molding manufacture technology, the performance is much higher than the ordinary carbon steel material, Safe Deposit Box the safe cabinet body uses the completely closed seamless welding manufacture craft, has the ultra strong anti-collision, the skid-proof and so on the performance.

Configure High-performance anti-theft technology to open anti-theft blade lock, to prevent professional technology open; The interlock mechanism automatically locks up, plays the double protection function, the big coin Ark, uses the world first-class High-tech numerical control laser cutting machine technology, Safe Deposit Box causes the guard against the most critical position-the door frame, the door plank realizes the integration precision manufacture craft, has the long-distance remote alarm system interface, at any time may the technology upgrade

When the coin cabinet is damaged or abnormal situation occurs, by telephone or mobile phone, automatic alarm to the duty room or 110 alarm Center, accidents configuration with serrated coin chute chute, Safe Deposit Box moving coin crank using folding technology, do not occupy space.

Safety deposit box features certified fire performance and structural testing the precise design of the safe goes beyond the strictest industrial standards.

Safe box for the seamless structure, to make up for the deficiencies in the past, the unique design of ultra-fine foam concrete is the most effective insulator at high temperature. Safe Deposit Box The safe makes your valuables safer. To ensure that it is performing well in any state.

We simulated the worst environment in the test. Left Behind the box intact.

1, fire test: According to the national test large gb16810-1997 will be tested fire safety deposit into the High-temperature furnace for fire test.

2, high temperature combustion: The fire safe is measured by the highest temperature control point 1030 ℃, burning 1 hours after the fact.

3, crash test: After high temperature combustion, Safe Deposit Box and then the Red hot fire safe is raised to 4 meters height for the fall test.

Main features of safe deposit box:

World-class CNC laser cutting machine technology;

Door。 The door frame realizes the integrated precision manufacture craft;

The anti-theft performance is greatly improved than the conventional technology;

Super strong voice prompt function;

Unique set of anti-pull, tamper-proof, Safe Deposit Box self-locking function in one electronic lock, leading-edge safe technology new revolution;

The box steel plate all uses the high quality low carbon alloy steel, is stronger;

Box thickness up to 6MM, Safe Deposit Box and adopt a molding technology, more solid;

In the door, the key parts of the bolt to increase the drilling function, more secure;

LCD display digital, using dual-screen prompts to use the program, Safe Deposit Box can be free to display password, strong confidentiality. At the same time the key design more humane, convenient and easy;