Safe With Anti-theft Performance

The safe is a special container, according to its function is mainly divided into fire safe and anti-theft safe, magnetic safe, fire-resistant safety deposit box and so on. Each kind of safe has its national standard, Safe Deposit Box the market safe is more than the first two. 3C Certified Safe (Cabinet) according to the actual height of the cabinet (excluding the caster height) is called safe in 450 mm, the actual height of the cabinet is below 450 mm (including 450 mm) called safe.

The main purpose of the safe

1, the safe is used to place the more valuable items, in well-off families are also used, such as in the inside of their own home contracts, contracts, birth certificates, academic certificates, house property, Notarial books, etc., to avoid the need for disorderly placement and can not find, but also in the safe box for children to be able to contact dangerous goods, drugs and so on can also place the usual petty cash, stamps, commemorative coins, jewelry, jewelry, antiques and so on.

2, safe In addition to home, more important is used in peacetime office, Safe Deposit Box safe has a very good collection function, we can usually important Office documents, file information in the inside for safekeeping and collection; The safe is also used for banks, government, public security, hotels, gas stations, jewelry shops, business offices, ATM machines, cashier, shopping malls, Safe Deposit Box Supermarkets and other large clubs.

Safe Shopping Tips

1, size requirements: Before the purchase to determine the size of the safety deposit box, the size of the choice of the main consideration of two aspects, the first is to store the size of the items to be measured, in particular, should consider the storage of goods long, wide, high maximum size and box matching; Safe Deposit Box Generally installed in the wall of the safe depth of not more than 20 centimeters, installed in the wardrobe depth does not exceed the depth of the closet (the wardrobe depth standard is 60 cm).

2, anti-theft performance: anti-theft performance is an important indicator of the safe, in addition to the brand of perceptual knowledge, the key parts of the thickness of the plate, Safe Deposit Box material and the selection of locks to be compared, the most direct way is to view the product testing report.

3, the use of habits: the use of the habit of relying mainly on the consumer is the choice of locks, the market in the safe lock is mainly mechanical and electronic type. The main characteristics of mechanical is the use of traditional methods, the general consumer is easy to accept, but password replacement difficult. Safe Deposit Box Electronic password replacement is more convenient, can realize more functions, the market has a higher degree of favor.

4, after-sales service: After-sales service is to ensure the normal use of the protection of products, the safety deposit box is now largely dependent on local vendors, can provide quality services mainly through the brand of perceptual knowledge, the brand sales network coverage, 800 free hotline, follow-up service commitment, The performance of the purchase process can be seen in the quality of after-sales service.

5, Product cost-effective: Decide the safe and low price is not the prices but the value, the key is the brand, the good brand itself is already attached with quality products and good service. Of course, Safe Deposit Box the comparison method is also a way to select their relatively satisfactory products compared to other brands of price differences between the part to do a measure. However, it is reasonable to choose a product with high safety and security in the case of low price difference.

Maintenance method of safe deposit box

After a stain on the surface of the safe, can not be cleaned with chemical solvents, can be cleaned with a little detergent cleaning agent scrub, stretched out of the door and the drawer of the wheel can be used to lubricate a little lubricant, if the lock core can inject a little pencil-core powder, Safe Deposit Box can make the key to pull, rotate more easily, the safe is a anti-theft device If the use of the process to add responsibility and attention, safe anti-theft coefficient will be greatly improved.

1, the rotation of the mechanical code lock, the need to be patient to turn, do not violently rotate, at the same time to remember the direction and the number of times, such as inadvertently exceed the mark line, Safe Deposit Box can not be poured back, must start again.

2, set the safe password best safe door open case, after the password settings, should enter the new password operation several times, after confirmation, the safe can be locked.

3, do not put the manual, emergency key locked in the safe box.

4, when the alarm is used, Safe Deposit Box the internal switches and electronic components do not arbitrarily transfer.

5, the safe must be placed in the appropriate location to prevent damage to the safe.