Safe Use Needs To Take Into Account The Following Aspects

1. lock: If is a traditional structure, then the lock is one of the most important points, damaged locks or modelled on the key is equivalent to destroying the heart of the security agencies. Complex and key lock helps prevent destruction in the style, but it is more cumbersome to use. Inconvenience to users. Now more routine use of electronic safe lock, enter the password you set at a time can lock box and out of the box, it is convenient to use. Safety factor is high.
2. auxiliary parts: spare parts to ensure reliable performance in response to ever-changing environment
3. conventional structure: this is the core part of safe. Due to its users cannot perceive in the box, but it is crucial to the prevention technical open. Users at the time of purchase can require businesses to open door back cover to view the internal precision of the traditional structures, transmission is flexible. Also view the lock bolt structure, bold best lock plunger diameter, current world locked bolt format has a good anti-open effect.
4. forming and welding: see if the Cabinet is a shape, check the gap between the door and door frame, the switch is flexible, gap is too large then the tamper function, fire-proof safes, large gap is never acceptable.
5. plate material: steel plate thickness, material, origin, such as identification, those related to using electric drills, cutting tools such as failure safe capacity.
Most burglar-proof safe for category A1 currently on the market, all shapes, styles of products, consumers can purchase you need, regardless of the style of purchase anti-theft safe products, consumers should pay attention to the following aspects:
1, burglar-proof safe Cabinet the outer surface of the paint film (or spray coating) color should be uniform, there must be no visible defects such as cracks, robe, spots.
2 anti-theft safe, Cabinet height ≤ 600 mm,, right, on the left of the door and door frame clearance ≤ 1.5 mm, space is less than 2 mm, anti-theft performance gap reduced by the General Assembly.
3, class a quality less than 340 kg, b anti-theft safe when fixing hole, equipped with fixed mountings and guidance manual, it should be noted and fixed according to the manufacturer's instructions in a timely manner.
4, anti-theft safe door panel thickness up to 8-10 mm, thickness 6 mm, so as to ensure the security of property, should be to ask the shop when purchasing steel plate thickness.