Safe Through The National Quality 3C Certification

The safe is a security security equipment, generally used for families, companies, hotels, hotels, government agencies, enterprises or individuals to store some valuable precious stones, precious metals, currency, important documents, such as wills, property deeds or some of the company Important document file. At the same time play a security, fire, flood control, anti-attack and so on. Safe according to its main function can be divided into anti-theft safe, fire safety, moisture-proof safe, anti-magnetic safe, and so on. Safe Deposit Box According to the different code lock works can be divided into mechanical safety and electronic safe and so on. Mechanical safety box performance is relatively stable, but the operation cumbersome, suitable for companies or institutions to use. Safe Deposit Box Electronic safe is easy to operate, but the use of difficult to control, suitable for personal and family use.

Safe deposit box features:

1. Acrylic with gold smart panel high-density acrylic material panel, the internal use of imported smart chip, the surface of the use of UV plastic film, anti-corrosion rust, Safe Deposit Box bright and clean, the edge of the use of gold-plated decoration, noble and elegant, One

2. hidden private dark cabinet private dark cabinet hidden inside, the use of high-quality stainless steel film, not only the box within the space area is more intelligent, more simple, Safe Deposit Box more comprehensive safety level, double protection, double security, only to give you new Security experience

3. Golden month wishful buckle buckle gold crochet buckle with crescent shape, set the lock and the latch of the culmination, when the door closed, the hook start, the door frame and the door as a whole, when the lever by the external force, Will be evenly distributed to the box, which greatly improve the capacity of the cabinet tamper

4. Laser cutting the overall bending technology Laser cutting the overall bending technology, the use of high-precision laser cutting, so that the gap between the door smaller and more secure, ordinary box in the box corner using ordinary welding, and Tian Rui is used to bend Technology, so seamless link, Safe Deposit Box so as to completely eliminate the security risks, really perfect

5. Automatic alarm - vibration, move, three consecutive error code automatic alarm (optional telephone Internet automatic alarm)

6. Large space design, built-in space with your free planning

7. Large opening angle, to accommodate the storage of larger objects

8. Through the national quality 3C certification

How to open the safe, the company's safe lock, the time long forgot how to open, is the kind of mechanical password that the safe, I know the password is forgotten how to open a good find finally opened, Safe Deposit Box by the way Finishing the next step, we need the reference

1 I am here is this safe, usually a mechanical password, a password carousel, keyhole, handle, the general password is three numbers, my this is 50,35,17, the following said how to open the steps

2 the beginning of the corresponding number can be free as shown, Safe Deposit Box but to remember this scale, because to calculate the number of laps, corresponding to the scale turn right two laps

3 turn right after two laps, or the corresponding starting scale, this time to start looking for the first number of 50

4 just turn right to find 50

5 to find 50, this time began to turn left a circle

6 turn left and turn left to find the second number 35

7 to find the second number, Safe Deposit Box began to turn right to find the third number, pay attention to not turn around

8 Finally, insert the key to remove (usually right), turn the handle to the left (because my safe is right open the door, there may be different directions) can be opened;