Safe Principle Of Electronic Lock

Safe electronic lock is mainly used in the safe above the electronic lock, according to its use mainly divided into Safe Box With Electronic Lock electronic code lock, credit card lock, remote control lock, fingerprint lock and so on.

Every kind of safe electronic locks have their own special features, the market is the most electronic lock.

According to the appearance, the electronic code lock can be divided into indicator series of electronic code lock and LCD series electronic password lock.

The former is characterized by relatively low prices, relatively stable performance, mainly applicable to the conventional safe deposit box, the volume is relatively large, because the export box competition is more powerful, the kind of box is also the industry known as the garbage box, the majority of such boxes selected Indicator electronic password lock. The appearance of the liquid crystal display is relatively beautiful, and the function is relatively complete, generally with clock display, alarm, and can check the function of open the door record, and some LCD display panel appearance is quite beautiful, most of which used in the home safe or Business cabinet, with its unique appearance in the safe on the safe, so that the whole box can also sell a good price.

Safe Box With Electronic Lock According to the drive mode, the electronic code lock can be divided into electromagnet series electronic code lock and motor drive series electronic password lock. The working principle of the former for the password input is correct, the solenoid is commonly known as the solenoid to pull, this time is the so-called open door state, with the electromagnet with the mechanical mechanism can be through the knob or cross lock, hex lock rotation door The The latter works for the password input is correct, the motor rotation directly drive the latch back, you can open the door.

Safe box electronic lock FAQ focus on solving

1, how to buy a new safe (cabinet) how to open?

Solution: Newly purchased safe electronic lock (cabinet) has 4 keys. Door two keys and a manual, the safe box with two other keys. Remove the two keys on the door in accordance with the instructions on the operation diagram, the big key into the main keyhole, push the battery cover to the right, pull out the battery box 5 and then insert the small key, two keys at the same Safe Box With Electronic Lock time to the right After opening the door. Remove the other two small keys and four AA batteries installed in accordance with the instructions after the operation.

2, how to change the password?

Answer: Open the safe box to find the back button behind the shell, hand press the code button in the green

When the light is on, enter the new password, and then press the * key to confirm the green light off. Enter the new password Press # to exit.

3, the new safe can also turn the key to the door why not open?

Answer: Because the new safe depository factory in order to protect the door of the paint, so in the lower left corner of the pad to protect the carpet, the key to the open position when you pull the right hand to pull the big key handle left hand pull the carpet can be.

4, for the battery after the green light has been bright or why not open?

Answer: There are two possibilities. First, the customer battery or electricity is not enough so come to this problem. Solution: replace the standard battery Second, it is possible to insert the key to the right after the first turn by the password, lock the first card to play the key to the key is not in place. Solution Insert the big key into the big key, enter the big key, enter the password in the case of green light turn the key, open the safe door.

5, open the password operation is also correct why the safe can not open.

Answer: may be a password shift, resulting in a lot of reasons for the password shift, such as the root ring password is not set a good position, the gun pin loose caused by the first resource password plus one or minus one digit in the original Safe Box With Electronic Lock password plus the first group One, the second group minus one, the third group plus one. In the first group of the original password minus one, the second group plus one, the third group by one. If you can not open the record, please do a good job after the sale of goods after-sales service staff.