Performance Of Anti-Theft Safe

Anti-Theft safe can be divided into two types of mechanical insurance and electronic insurance, the former is characterized by relatively inexpensive price, reliable performance.

Anti-theft safe in the standard defined in the specified period of time to resist the normal entry fitted with mechanical, electronic locks (including password lock, IC card lock, etc.) of the cabinet. Classified by security level: A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, c a total of 6 categories, A1 security level is the lowest, burglary resistant safes should be able to prevent the use of common hand tools, portable power tools and grinding head and these tools to cooperate with each other, in the net working hours within 15min open doors or in doors, cabinets, caused by the 38cm2 through hole. Class C Security level is the highest, should be able to prevent the use of ordinary hand tools, portable power tools, grinding head and special portable power tools, cutting torch and explosives, burglary resistant safes within the net working time 60min open doors or in the cupboard door, cabinet body caused by 13cm2 through hole, its quality is not less than 450 ㎏.

Anti-Theft safe is a durable consumer goods, anti-theft safe, cabinets according to the different requirements of the use of objects, can be divided into universal safe, cabinets and special safes, cabinets two categories. General-purpose Safes, cabinets are generally single use, burglary resistant safes according to the size of size specifications, respectively, for the family, business office, financial system used. Special safe, cabinet is for specific use object, specific requirements of the development, such as hotel apartments used in the safe, bank vault door, burglary resistant safes intelligent security cabinets, large supermarkets, stores used in cash coin safe, public security armed Police Force storage of firearms safe, antique Jade Jewelry industry used in the safe.

anti-theft Safe Purchase:

At present, most of the anti-theft safe in the market for the A1 category, there are a variety of shapes, styles of products, consumers can buy according to needs, but should pay attention to

A. Anti-Theft Safe is mandatory certification products, consumers to buy when to recognize the CCC mark, the market labeled as anti-theft safe products should have CCC logo, no CCC logo can be considered safe deposit boxes or other products.

b. Consumers according to different storage value, burglary resistant safes the choice of different levels of safe, the general family with the choice of A1-type safe, for putting valuables of the unit users, should be selected anti-theft grade high safe.

C. Anti-theft safe cabinet The outer surface of the paint film (or spray plastic film) should be uniform color, can not have obvious cracks, air gowns, spots and other defects.

D. Cabinet Body height ≤600㎜ anti-theft safe, door and door frame of the upper, right, left gap ≤ 1.5 ㎜, the next Gap ≤2㎜, the gap over the General Assembly to reduce anti-theft performance.

E. Class A, Category B anti-theft safe is less than 340 ㎏ should be installed fixed holes, equipped with fixed pieces and guidance of a fixed manual, to be noted and timely according to the requirements of the specification fixed.

F. Anti-Theft Safe General door thickness of 8mm~10mm, burglary resistant safes cabinet body thickness of more than 6mm, so as to ensure the performance of anti-theft, purchase should be asked to store the thickness of steel plate.

G. There is now a safe deposit box between the burglar-proof safe and cabinet furniture in the market, its appearance style and anti-theft safe similar, its according to the lock is also divided into mechanical code and electronic password two types, easy to confuse with anti-theft safe, but the price is cheap, burglary resistant safes but its box is thinner than the safe, generally 2mm around the steel plate even tin, easy to be destroyed, anti-theft performance far less than anti-theft safe. The purchase of anti-theft safe should be asked clearly, do not wrong to buy safe deposit box, at the same time should be on the invoice to write a clear name of the commodity.