How To Safe A Insurance

Safe is an anti-theft device, if used in the process to join our sense of responsibility and attention, safe anti-theft coefficient will greatly improve. In the use of safety deposit box should note the following points:
1, turn the mechanical code lock, need meditation take advantage of sustained turn, not power rotate and remember directions and times, in case of beyond the marked line, not rewind, must start again.
2, set the password the best safe door open to, password setting after the operation should enter the new password a few times, after confirmation, doors can be locked.
3, will not take instructions, emergency locked my keys inside the safe.
4, alarm when in use, the internal switch and electronic components, not free to mobilize, found that smaller voice, the battery runs out, an emergency replacement. In case of false positives low sensitivity can be adjusted.
5, in order to ensure safe, reliable and expanding nuts taper pins in the heart must burst hammer to nut locking. Nut fully rugged in the hole in the wall.
6, safe must be fastened to the concrete wall.
7, useful when the external battery for a long time, the battery should be removed from the battery compartment.