How Can We Ensure Safe Work With Furniture

Safes on the market today have become the new fashion in Office furniture and equipment, home purchases also showed a growing trend. As part of the furniture, safe to mix with the surrounding environment, nature is one of many buyers of issues to consider:
Safes now more main colors are white, gray, mosaic colors (blue and white mosaic, relatively stylish), dark. Creamy white soft style, women are more like gray temperament and generous; mosaic color show fashionable atmosphere; dark somewhat steady, give the feeling of security, is a traditional safe colors. users select the appropriate color according to the specific environment.
Second, placed
Placement is also important, subtle and harmonious is the main principle. are generally placed in the cupboard (such a safe maximum size is less than 50CM, weighs less than 30 pounds), mobile Cabinet walls embedded under \ taipan in the corner. Home users choose embedded placed on the bedside table or wall. Embedded and can be bolted to the wall, into the Cabinet using wood screws or plastic expansion screws.
Three, dimensions
Safes can be choose the size to 25-168CM, can meet the needs of different sizes. Home users select small size, especially the smaller walls embedded. Proposal to consider a good place, good volume space size, then select the appropriate dimensions, specifications of the safes.
Four, modeling
Currently safe flat, streamlined and oblique face three kinds of styling options. Planar resolute and steady; streamlined lines soft, give the visual experience of cute and naughty; oblique plane shape on a new, enter the password without bending over. If conditions permit, allows manufacturers to design into a busy Cabinet style, direct and matching furniture. Or embedded security box model, either embedded in the furniture can also be embedded in the wall in vivo.
If it is an embedded safes, and the color cannot be aligned with the walls or furniture, decorative painting that are available out of the safe external, both beautiful and hidden safes