Household Safe Installation And Cleaning Tips

Home safe is an anti-theft device, correct installation procedure will allow home safe security coefficient will be greatly improved. Home safes must be installed prior to use fixed to the wall or other similar hard object, this safe for the safe use of maximize the security and performance is critical. Here to introduce their family safe fixing points to note before using:
1, select a suitable location to install the fix, hidden safes, it is safe and back up against the wall, install the left side fixed, anti-theft, security works best. If you can do it outside of the safe furniture cover, for the protection of privacy, security, the safe is much better.
2, the safe before you install the fix, remove the casters on the bottom of the safe so safe after installation no gap at the bottom to prevent move safe and effective.
3, you must install safety deposit box fixed to the concrete wall, best left to professionals in charge of installing, to ensure the strength and quality of installation.
According to the national standard, safe quality less than 340 kg at the back has a fixed mounting holes, and is equipped with fixing with expansion screws, users just press the product user manual instructions to install a fixed safe,
Safe cleaning tips to teach you a little, must work. Home safe or file cabinet and so on, only the scrub with a detergent and cloth, some hard dirt could not completely cleaned out. What if with steel wool brush, it will leave unsightly scratches. So please do not use steel wool to paint. There is a small coup, you might as well try, quite simply, are some small finds from the life smart, then just pick up some leftover carrot or cucumber, and dipped in the detergent to scrub, then washed again with water (wipe it again) will be able to clean up.