High Confidentiality Of Electronic Locks

Electronic locks generally have a certain anti-theft performance, the use of electronic locks mainly because of its convenience, Electronic Lock anti-theft requirements of high electronic locks.

Electronic locks, as in the case of electronic circuit control, to electromagnet (or micro-motor) and the lock body as the actuator of the electromechanical integration of safety devices. Electronic Lock It differs from the traditional mechanical lock, does not need the metal key, the use is convenient, the work safety relies on, the confidentiality is extremely strong.

(1) The structure of the electronic lock. The general structure of the electronic lock is as follows:

The actuator of an electronic lock adopts an electromagnet or miniature motor to strangle the lock. Electronic Lock The lock body can be divided into the lock tongue type and the lock clasp box type.

The control part of the electric lock is composed of input, storage, coding, identification, anti-interference, drive, display and alarm units. Among them, Electronic Lock the coding and identification circuit is the core of the whole control part, while the power supply is the electronic barium control part and the actuator


(2) Classification of electronic locks. In the case of the actuator, the control circuit of the electronic lock has a large power of flexibility, Electronic Lock which is the main cause of the wide variety of electronic locks.

① technology, the similarities and differences in the way of unlocking, electronic locks can be divided into:

A. Card-Key electronic lock. It is characterized by the use of card keys to unlock, Electronic Lock card keys are the organic part of the control circuit. The card that makes the key, has the multiplicity in terms of its nature, for example magnetic card, perforation card and so on. The control circuit is generally set

Ji Cheng usually do not power consumption status.

b. Electronic key type electronic lock. It is characterized by the use of electronic keys to open plating, electronic keys are the main components of the control circuit. The electronic key can be made up of 5S element or unit circuit composed of components, making small hand-held unit type

。 The electronic key and the main control gram element's connection, may be the sound, the light, Electronic Lock the electricity and so on many forms.

C. Controlled e-Burton. It is characterized by the use of buttons (Rong) in the way of unlocking, easy and convenient, Electronic Lock which is commonly used in electronic locks a lock form.