High Confidentiality Of Electronic Locks

Electronic lock with electromagnet (or micro motor) and lock body as the implementation, the electronic technology, integrated circuit design, combined with a variety of innovative identification technology (including computer network technology, built-in software card, network alarm, lock mechanical design) and other integrated products. It differs from the traditional mechanical lock, does not need the metal key, the use is convenient, Electronic Lock the confidentiality is extremely strong.

Classification characteristics of electronic locks

One, according to the method of unlocking the similarities and differences between

1, the card key electronic lock: Its characteristic is uses the card key to unlock, the card key is the control circuit organic constituent lock. The card that makes the key, Electronic Lock has the multiplicity in terms of its nature, for example magnetic card, perforation card and so on. Usually the control circuit is designed to be a normal power consumption condition.

2, electronic key electronic lock: its characteristic is to use the electronic key to open the plating, the electronic key is constitutes the control circuit important constituent. The electronic key consists of the Unit circuit composed of components, made into a small handheld unit type. Electronic Lock The electronic key and the main control unit's contact, can be sound, the light, the electricity and so on many methods.

3, according to the control of electronic locks: its characteristics are the use of buttons to unlock the method, convenient and convenient, this is the electronic lock universal and choose a method of unlocking.

4, Dial-type electronic Lock: its characteristics are the choice of dial method to unlock, Electronic Lock many key-type electronic locks can be transformed into dial-type electronic lock.

5, touch-type Electronic Lock: The choice of contact method unlocking, convenient operation, relative to the key switch, contact Switch service life long, low cost.

Second, according to the use of components and similarities and differences

1, Relay-type Electronic Lock: the use of relay contact linkage. Electronic lock cooperation of various types of switches and serial combination of coding control.

2, SCR-type Electronic Lock: Select series, parallel SCR to encode.

3, Single knot tube delay type electronic Lock: Use single knot tube as unlock delay device, Electronic Lock increase the security function of electronic lock.

4, Electronic password switch: The use of imitation Integrated switch block, cooperative combination switch to encode control.

5, circuit-type electronic Lock: 555 Time base circuit connected to trigger and other methods, cooperative combination switch to encode control. Private integrated circuit type electronic lock. Electronic Lock As the electronic lock control Circuit Center, the special-purpose secret-lock integrated circuit's integration is high, the function is very strong, needs the periphery element to be few, the installment is convenient, reliable.

Recommendations for selection of electronic locks

1, Changkai: If the magnetic lock is completely by a group of electromagnetic coil embedded in the e-shaped iron core to generate the magnetic field, the other half of the suction plate, when the suction plate and e-shaped magnet is closed, thus forming a closed magnetic field, resulting in a closed magnetic force, Electronic Lock the door locking effect. Again, such as the electric lock, the solenoid valve coil after the power generated by magnetic suction to make the electromagnetic valve core movement closed, so that the mechanical linkage part of the lock tongue out. Unlock the lock as soon as the power is disconnected, which is in line with the security requirements.

2, often locked: usually by the mechanical part of the lock, through the work of the solenoid valve or motor drive to make the locking sheath movement, and then turn the hand part to unlock. Usually the drive of the motor is the driving mode of the lock sheath, that is, there is a lock sheath hole in the rotating wheel, usually the hand is in the Free State, the hand can rotate but cannot unlock, when the electronic recognition part through the verification, the motor turns drive the lock sheath to enter the rotating hole, then rotates the hand can unlock.

First, the electronic lock purchase should pay attention to its function and the application environment unifies

According to the application of the environment to determine the functional needs, is in the hotel, unit, office or family. Because of the different use of the environment has a different function. Hotel application, guest rooms to comply with the standards of the hotel, as the hotel electronic door lock is necessary to have the function: for all the key card is necessary to have the function of time constraints, locks have the function of opening the door, the classification of the processing function.