Good Intelligence Of Electronic Lock

The main advantages of electronic lock are:

1, Electronic lock fashionable:

Electronic lock-type for the classic design, adapt to different architectural style, beautiful and generous, with very good decorative performance.

2, Electronic lock production excellent:

The key part of the electronic lock structure is the use of stainless steel, copper materials, through molded or die-cast type, durable, good feel, Electronic Lock all surface treatment are using advanced technology, elegant gorgeous, not easy to wear.

3, the electronic lock intelligence is good:

The microcomputer in the lock can recognize the legality and level of the card, Electronic Lock and make the corresponding treatment, each lock has a lock record, absolutely safe and reliable.

4, Full-featured:

Electronic locks have key and mechanical keys dual control function, in general, the use of key functions, emergency can use mechanical keys. A variety of key management, different people use the key, Electronic Lock effectively improve the door lock management function.

5. Strong adaptability:

Electronic locks have waterproof, dustproof, non-magnetic, anti-static and other excellent functions.

6. Reasonable structure:

The electronic lock uses the international standard five-lock tongue structure, the security is good, the operation is convenient.

7, Electronic lock security Extremely high:

Compared with the traditional locks, Electronic Lock electronic locks have the functions of preventing, prying, plugging, alarming and so on.

Performance characteristics of electronic locks

1. Good confidentiality

The number of encodings is much greater than that of lock. The success rate of random unlocking is almost nil.

2. Variable password

Users can change the password frequently, Electronic Lock prevent the password from being stolen, but also can avoid the changing of the lock by the staff turnover.

3, Error input protection

The alarm system starts automatically when multiple errors are entered.

4, Electronic password lock operation is simple and easy

Electronic Password lock operation is simple and easy, a learning will.

5. Jamming code function

Enter any code before you enter the correct password.

6. Security function

If the error 4 times the password will automatically power off 3 minutes.

7, Emergency opening function (Panic Open)

Go out without any other operation, just once the handle action, Electronic Lock can be mechanically opened the door, so in case of fire and other emergency situations also quickly, safe open the door.

8, intrusion induction function

When the door is locked, someone breaks the lock and gives a strong beep code.

9. Fire alarm function

In the room if the temperature reaches about 75 °, will be issued a strong beep code, and the lock will automatically open.

10. Dual Locking function

External forced lockdown: cannot be opened internally, and can be used to prevent intruders when they are out of office.

Internal Force lock: not open outside, let you at home more comfortable and safe.

11. Low Power Reminder function

Weak electricity reminder when the power is low, when opening the door, there will be wonderful music prompts you to replace the battery in time.

12. Automatic Lock function

The use of automatic lock core, door after 6 seconds of automatic lock, go out more secure.

13. External Display function

When the password input error, the lock tongue is not properly locked in place, indoor locked, weak, and so on, the outside has the function of prompting.