Fingerprint Safe With Mechanical Or Electronic Safety Deposit Box Difference

Past us in the protection of the family property and privacy when using mechanical safe, but with the development of science and technology, people have developed a fingerprint safe, it has a lot of mechanical advantage that no safe, fingerprint safe in order to be able to have a better understanding, the following will introduce the advantages of safe fingerprint safe machinery in what.
1, the function is powerful: fingerprint lock also has many other features, such as networking, open record function, remote control, alarm, multiplayer mode, an administrator level, and so on. These features are very useful in complex social reality very important functions. This is the traditional advantages of locks cannot be. With the strengthening of security awareness, and rising standards of living and needs, new features, new demands are constantly emerge, homes, cars, office buildings and hotels will be in rapid development, bio-electronic locks will bring more convenience to people's lives.
2 easy: without keys, without keeping and carrying keys, without having to worry about forgetting to bring the key trouble. Both traditional mechanical locks and the magnetic card lock, IC card lock must have trouble keeping a key, if you lose a key owner takes time and energy to match key biological fingerprint lock the safe use of automated fingerprint identification systems and fingerprint uniqueness and persistence characteristics in a fingerprint to replace the traditional key, this is a great progress of modern science and technology.
3, strong expansibility: safety requirements for State Government agencies are improving, which will generate a lot of demand. For example, the linkage for the banking system, biological fingerprint cabinets, the tax system, prisons, health care, education and examination systems have special needs as well as national defense, public security, finance and other systems with high comfort and safety of biological fingerprint products growing. Traditional locks are unlikely to meet these individual needs are the only bio-electronic locks to meet emerging new demands.
4, security: biological fingerprint has unique characteristics and stability without the highest permissions Manager allows, any individual that does not have a qualified fingerprint cannot enter. Therefore, safe fingerprint safe relative to other categories, a good solution to the problem of others copying the key to open the door. If you use the traditional mechanical safe, will also face many other private key, others use a special tool to unlock and other dangers.