Factors That Affect The Price Of Household Safes

In our workplace and in family life, for storage of valuables safe has certain requirements, select safe is a good choice, whether it's valuable items, money and important documents and files are stored in a safety deposit box. When purchasing home safe, but the quality and price is the primary consideration, in order to solve the questions of safe price, below describe which factors influence the price of household safe.
(1) specifications: specification is to move the safe size specific, some customers require heightened, widened, thickened, specific prices are subject to change. Some customers may need several products of different sizes, even special specifications, so that price is different. Safety deposit box in accordance with the specifications of the national standard, but at the same time according to the customer's individual requirements and can be customized at any time, to meet the needs of our customers.
(2) plate: the plate is fundamental to affect the price of safe, safes are designed to store files or materials, books, etc, so it is necessary to take into account the safety deposit box bearing problems, such as the shelf plate is too thin, chronic stress can have serious or deformation. So we need to ensure the quality of products, ensuring customer safety. Remind customer to choose in the process of moving the safe must understand clearly, be careful not to be deceived.
(3) design: design is based on the room size and the specific requirements of the customer, so is the influence the offer of products. Room sizes are not simple length and width of the room, also taking into account other specific details. Design is given, you need to consider the length and width of the room, room door open or opened in the city, there is no radiator or other safe place articles, in addition to considering room height. If the customer's high is the size, you can't do it in accordance with the standards, so the price and standard prices are different. Some customers have other requirements, such as the need to increase the number of shelves, the price is different.
(4) service: safe that we purchase in customer demand, the company should, first arrived on the scene, in order to resolve customer issues, and maintenance for the customer on a regular basis to ensure customer safety.
(5) technology in order to meet customer needs, improve work efficiency, in addition to simple manual safe, also added a lot of technical content, electronic safe, for example, intelligent safes, mechanical safes, so depending on the technical content, prices also have made a big difference