Electronic Locks Are Highly Secure

The development of electronic lock has undergone four stages in general: The 70 's is the era of the key electronic lock, the 80 's is the era of the card electronic lock, the 90 generation is the era of the biological characteristic electronic lock. In recent years, with the concept of the Internet of things to be recognized, Electronic Lock and electronic lock development, from this electronic lock into a new era of interlocking things.

Mention of electronic locks, the domestic public awareness of it or use more stay in some public places such as offices, schools, hotel rooms, banks and so on, Electronic Lock and only a very few ordinary people will use. However, in Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea, the use of electronic locks has been quite common, especially in the civil market penetration is much higher than domestic. Electronic Lock According to statistics, in Europe and the United States electronic lock Jianmin with lock 50% Market, Japan and South Korea intelligent lock Jianmin with more than 70% of the market, and currently in China, electronic locks only accounted for the civilian lock less than 8% of the market. Because the average level of electronic lock manufacturers in China is still at the end of the 70 and the middle of the 80, the high cost of electronic locks, installation difficult, Electronic Lock so that in the market to carry out a lot of difficulty. However, this is not only caused by the low penetration of electronic locks in civilian locks, but also led to commercial locks and industrial locks most of the use of foreign mature products, making domestic electronic lock manufacturers more difficult to break the international lock industry giant siege.

The main advantages of electronic lock are:

1, Electronic lock fashionable:

The electronic door lock type is the classical design, Electronic Lock adapts the different architectural style, the elegant appearance is generous, has the very good decoration performance.

2, Electronic lock production excellent:

The key part of the electronic lock structure is the use of stainless steel, copper materials, through molded or die-cast type, durable, good feel, Electronic Lock all surface treatment are using advanced technology, elegant gorgeous, not easy to wear.

3, the electronic lock intelligence is good:

The microcomputer in the lock can recognize the legality and level of the card, and make the corresponding treatment, each lock has a lock record, absolutely safe and reliable.

4, Full-featured:

Electronic lock with key and mechanical keys dual control function, in general, the use of key functions, in case of emergency can use mechanical keys. A variety of key management, Electronic Lock different people use the key, effectively improve the door lock management function.

5. Strong adaptability:

Electronic lock with waterproof, dustproof, non-magnetic, anti-static and other excellent functions.

6. Reasonable structure:

The electronic lock uses the international standard five-lock tongue structure, Electronic Lock the security is good, the operation is convenient.

7, Electronic lock security Extremely high:

Compared with the traditional locks, electronic locks have the functions of preventing, prying, plugging, alarming and so on.