Electronic Lock Is Extremely Safe

Electronic locks, with electromagnets (or micro-motors) and lock body as the implementation of the electronic technology, integrated circuit design pieces, combined with a variety of innovative identification technology (including computer network technology, built-in software card, network alarm, lock body mechanical design ) And other integrated products. It is different from the traditional mechanical locks, without the use of metal keys, Electronic Lock the use of convenience, strong confidentiality.

Electronic lock after years of development and innovation, variety of species more and more rich, more and more refined classification.

Electronic lock can be divided into: card lock (magnetic card lock, IC card lock, induction card lock); password lock (button-type password lock, dial-type password lock, touch screen lock); remote control lock (Bluetooth lock, Infrared remote control lock); biological characteristics of intelligent lock (fingerprint lock, voice lock, iris lock) and so on.

1, credit card locks: mainly through the door card swipe card operation, common magnetic card lock, IC card lock, induction card lock, common in the district, the company and other scenes, Electronic Lock the main feature is convenient and quick, the disadvantage is safe in general, easy to copy.

2, the password lock: electronic lock is a very common species, common with a button-type password lock, dial-type password lock, touch screen lock. Through the unlock password to unlock operation, you need to enter the specified unlock password to identify the door, characterized by no key, Electronic Lock the drawback is easy to leak crack.

3, remote control lock: remote control lock in the garage, cars, warehouses, home and other scenes more applications, common with a Bluetooth lock, infrared remote control lock, through the remote control or supporting the phone APP to unlock. Features are no key, safe, can be remotely controlled. The disadvantage is that stability is not high, easy to be disturbed.

Biometric Smart lock: the main direction of the development of electronic locks, a common fingerprint lock, voice lock, iris lock, the current fingerprint lock in the field of smart locks is the largest branch in the home application is very common. Mainly through the uniqueness of biological characteristics to control, Electronic Lock with a very high security and confidentiality, the disadvantage is the high cost, expensive, universal in general.

The main advantages of electronic locks are:

1, electronic lock style novel:

Electronic door locks for the classic design, to adapt to different architectural styles, nice, with a very good decorative performance.

2, electronic lock production is excellent:

The key parts of the electronic lock are made of stainless steel, copper material, molded by molding or die, durable, feel good, Electronic Lock all the surface treatment are using advanced technology, elegant and gorgeous, easy to wear.

3, electronic lock smart:

Lock in the microcomputer, can identify the legitimate and level of the card, and make the appropriate treatment, each unlock has a lock record, the absolute safe and reliable.

4, full-featured:

Electronic lock with a key and mechanical key dual control function, Electronic Lock under normal circumstances the use of key function, emergency use of mechanical keys. A variety of key management, different people use the key, effectively improve the door lock management.

5, strong adaptability:

Electronic locks with waterproof, dustproof, anti-magnetic, anti-static, Electronic Lock and so excellent features.

6, reasonable structure:

Electronic lock with international standard five-tongue structure, good security, easy to operate.

7, electronic lock security is extremely high:

Relative to the traditional locks, the electronic lock with anti-tamper, tamper, anti-plug, Electronic Lock alarm and so on.