Electronic Lock Confidentiality Strong

What are the features and features of electronic locks:

 1. Time control: the door has a real-time clock, can effectively control the validity period

 2. Area control: Different levels of cards may have doors for opening different areas

 3. Level control: high-level card can be low-level card void

 4. Priority control: the new card can be invalidated old card

 5. File records: all the card operation and operation are recorded, easy to query

 6. Networking function: you can all the lock network, Electronic Lock to achieve network management

 7. Interface function: and hotel management software, door lock interface

 8. Alarm function: the door is not closed, not closed are alarm tips

 9. Channel function: You can set the door lock to have a channel function

10. Closed function: the door can be temporarily closed

11. Suite features: to meet the administrative and presidential suite management needs

12. Handheld function: you can use the handset set the door lock, collecting data, issuing cards

13. Anti-lock function: handle on the anti-lock, Electronic Lock do not worry about hurry when the door is not locked.

14. Power saving function: the door of the microcomputer motherboard does not read the card, Electronic Lock into the dormant state, when the induction card is close to wake up, so that the door more power.

15. Data management: ACCESS or SQL Server database can be used to manage

16. Multi-point card: SQL Server database network card

17. USB Card Reader: A card reader using a USB interface

18. Hourly room: there is room function.

19. Door lock handle durability: is not the handle double spring reset (long-term use do not have to worry about the handle drooping or floating).

Electronic lock function and structure and classification

Electronic lock, refers to the electronic circuit is controlled by the electromagnet (or micro-motor) and the lock body as the implementing agency of the mechanical and electrical integration of insurance devices. It is different from the traditional mechanical locks, without the use of metal keys, easy to use, work by security, strong confidentiality.

(1) electronic lock structure. Electronic Lock The general structure of the electronic lock is as follows: The actuator of the electronic lock uses a solenoid or a micro-motor to choke the lock body. Lock body can be divided into latch and lock box. The control part of the electric lock is composed of input, storage, coding, authentication, anti-jamming, driving, display and alarm. Among them, the coding and identification circuit is the core of the entire control part, while the power supply is the barium control part and the implementation of indispensable.

(2) the classification of electronic locks. Relative to the implementing agencies, the electronic control part of the control circuit has the power of great flexibility, Electronic Lock which is caused by a variety of electronic lock the main reason.

① technology to unlock the same way, electronic locks can be divided into:

A. Card key electronic lock. It is characterized by the use of card key unlock, the card key is an integral part of the control circuit. Do the card of the key, in terms of its nature with diversity, such as magnetic cards, perforation cards and so on. Generally the control circuit is designed to normally no power state.

B. Electronic key electronic lock. Which is characterized by the use of electronic key plating, electronic key is an important part of the control circuit. Electronic key can be composed of yuan 5S or by the components of the unit circuit, made of small handheld unit type. Electronic key and the master of the connection, can be sound, light, electricity and other forms.

C. Press control electronic Dayton. It is characterized by the use of buttons (Rong) way to unlock, simple and convenient, which is commonly used in electronic locks an unlock form.

D. Dial-type electronic lock: its feature is to use the dial mode to unlock. Many button-type electronic locks can be converted into dial-type electronic lock.

E touch mode electronic lock: the use of touch mode unlock, easy to operate, Electronic Lock relative to the key switch, touch switch long life, low cost, so optimize the touch mode electronic lock circuit.

② according to the use of similar components, electronic locks can be divided into:

A relay type electronic lock * relay contact with the relay. With the various types of switches in series and parallel combination of coding control.

B. Thyristor electronic lock. Using series, parallel thyristor coding

D. Single - tube delay electronic lock. The use of single-tube for the lock delay timer, an increase of electronic Dun's security performance.

E electronic password switch. Using analog integrated switch block, with the combination of switch for coding control.

F circuit type electronic Dayton. 555 time base circuit into a trigger and other forms, with the combination of switch for coding control. Dedicated security integrated circuit - type electronic lock. As the core of electronic lock control circuit, dedicated security lock integrated circuit integration is high, very strong, very few external components, easy to install and reliable. At present, in all the use of integrated circuits for coding control of the electronic lock, the devaluation of special security integrated circuit-type electronic lock performance is better.