Cash Safe Is Closely Related To Modern Life

What is the main role of cash safe? Whether it is a personal family or a bank hotel, you need a safe and convenient place to store valuables and important documents. The safe deposit box is widely used in various fields such as home, business office, bank, government, public security, ATM, cashier and so on, and is related to modern life and work! Specific uses are as follows:

1, anti-theft: After the relevant departments to understand that there is a cash safe at home, you can reduce the probability of theft of 90%, although the probability of stolen may be 10 years, safety cashbox but once we are stolen is not lost thousands of dollars The And thousands of dollars in cash safe can completely prevent such things happen.

2, fire: the need for high prices of fire, but once the home fire or unit fire all valuables can be intact, so that the conditions can be considered under the home, safety cashbox otherwise the fire is not a fireproof cabinet can make up.

3, place dangerous items: can be said that children are naughty they are lively and lovely, and we can not always look at them, this time we put dangerous goods into the cash safe can be completely resolved to worry about.

4, storage of privacy: it can be said that everyone has no intention to let others contact privacy, because we are in different angles to see different things, safety cashbox so the results are certainly different.

5, put valuables: In particular, there are often strangers at home and abroad, the home valuables into the cash safe is to reduce the unnecessary trouble? And especially the memory is not very good often put valuables put away the forgotten crowd, better should be configured a cash safe, because we need to find what directly open cash safe OK.

With the development of science and technology, today's cash safe from the most simple anti-theft function, developed into anti-theft, fire, anti-theft / fire, anti-magnetic, home, commercial, hotel, firearms, documents / data and other almost countless species.

Cash safe because of its special function - furniture and security, in the selection should pay special attention to the purchase of cash safe, basically from the following aspects: 1) steel plate selection: from the plate thickness, material, origin and so on Discrimination, which relates to the use of electric drill, safety cashbox cutting and other special tools to destroy the cash safe when the capacity. 2) Molding and welding: check whether the cabinet is a molding, check the gap between the door and the door frame, the switch is flexible, the gap is too large is the tamper function weakened on the fire cash safe, too large gap is absolutely not allowed. 3) traditional structure: This is the core of the cash safe. Because of its users in the box can not be aware of, but it is the key to technical open. Users can ask the merchant to open the door after the back cover, see the internal structure of the traditional precision, whether the transmission is flexible. Also see the bolt structure, the best bolt diameter, and now the popular world bolt format has a good anti-open effect. 4) Lock: If the traditional structure is a face, safety cashbox then the lock is the most important point, damage to the lock or imitate the key is equivalent to damage the heart of the anti-theft agencies. Complex locks can effectively prevent damage and key modeling. 5) auxiliary spare parts: spare parts should ensure the reliability of its handling to cope with the ever-changing use of the environment. 6) Alarm function: should be asked to know whether there is automatic alarm function, under what circumstances can automatically alarm (such as moving, hit or three wrong code), of course, the more efficient the better activation conditions. safety cashbox Now a lot of cash safe is not yet automatic alarm function, or automatic alarm activation conditions are few, need to ask when buying clear. 7) Anticorrosive treatment: This process is not handled properly, will affect the appearance of the box, serious words will cause functional damage. Anti-theft cash safe inside and outside should be painted, safety cashbox spray and other surface of the anti-corrosion treatment. Mechanical cash safe. 8) Appearance: bulky, monotonous is no longer a customer's understanding of the cash safe, and people are treating it as a home decor. First observe whether the appearance of smooth, paint is uniform. Followed by observation of color, shape belongs to their favorite type, combined with the actual office environment to buy. 9) Size: should be based on their actual needs to measure the cash safe size. Such as in the corner, you do not have to consider the size, if you want to put shelter, such as the case, this cash safe size up to 50 cm, weight less than 30 pounds. It is worth noting that the height of more than 50 cm cash safe mostly with the bottom wheel, can be moved anywhere. Now cash safe size a lot, the general maximum size up to 100cm or more, can also be customized, custom need 15 days. 10) Battery: specifically for electronic password cash safe. Electronic password cash safe In addition to built-in battery, there are generally external spare battery box, the purchase need to pay attention to whether or not. Some brands of cash safe in the panel there are power display, the actual operation can provide a lot of convenience. 11) Weight: Some users prefer to choose ultra-small cash safe, this cash safe is certainly better hidden, but in the absence of a fixed case, the cash safe because the weight is too small to enhance its mobility, Thieves easily removed. Of course, cash safe is not the heavier the better, if the ground to install the floor, too heavy cash safe easy to crush the floor, the choice should be carefully considered.