Anti-Theft Safe Has A Certain Degree Of Concealment

Anti-Theft Safe has a national compulsory certification, there are 3 C Peugeot can be called a safe, or safe.

Anti-Theft Safe type

Anti-theft safe in the standard defined in the specified period of time to resist the normal entry of the installed machinery, electronic locks (including password locks, IC card locks, etc.) of the cabinet. Classified by security level: A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, c a total of 6 categories, A1 security level, should be able to prevent the use of ordinary hand tools, portable power tools and grinding head and these tools to cooperate with each other, burglary resistant safes in the net working time within 15 minutes to open the cupboard door or in the cupboard door, cabinet body to cause 38 square centimeter of the Class C has the highest security level, burglary resistant safes should be able to prevent the use of ordinary hand tools, portable power tools, grinding head and special portable power tools, cutting torch and explosives, within 60 minutes of the net working time open doors or in the cupboard door, cabinet body caused 13 square centimeters of through hole, its quality is not less than 450 kg.

The difference between anti-theft safe and burglar safe

Anti-Theft safe is a special container, the state of Anti-Theft anti-theft safe production has strict requirements, burglary resistant safes so in order to purchase these requirements have a preliminary understanding.

The wide, high and deep dimensions of the anti-theft safe are smaller than 450mm, 320mm and 300mm, which are characterized by small size, light weight and certain anti-theft performance. Its transportation, burglary resistant safes installation is more convenient, through the expansion of bolts and other fixtures with the ground or wall fixed, thieves are not easy to move. Inlay-type anti-theft safe embedded in the wall, burglary resistant safes with a certain degree of concealment. Anti-theft safe is more suitable for hotel and home use.

The size of the anti-theft safe is larger than the above provisions, anti-theft performance is higher than the security deposit box, it is more suitable for institutions, enterprises and institutions use. Anti-Theft safe According to its protective performance can be divided into a class, Class B and Class C 3 kinds. burglary resistant safes One of the highest class C anti-theft performance, the lowest class A.  burglary resistant safes Most of the safes now seen in the mall belong to category A anti-theft safes.

According to the different password work principle, anti-theft anti-theft safe can be divided into mechanical insurance and electronic insurance, the former is characterized by relatively inexpensive price, burglary resistant safes performance is more reliable. Most of the early burglar-proof safes were mechanical anti-theft safes. Electronic anti-theft safe is the electronic password, IC card and other intelligent control mode of electronic locks applied to the anti-theft safe, its characteristics are easy to use, especially in the hotel when used, burglary resistant safes need to change the password often, so the use of electronic password anti-theft safe, it is more convenient.

Anti-Theft anti-theft Safe is the most important thing is to have the function of preventing damage, but also has the function of alarming. The state and the Ministry of Public Security to anti-theft anti-theft safe quality is very important, respectively, burglary resistant safes in Shanghai and Beijing set up a security guard alarm system product quality supervision and testing Center and the Ministry of Public Security safety and police electronic products quality Testing Center, responsible for the national Anti-Theft anti-theft safe Products production supervision and testing. Therefore, consumers in the choice of such products must be purchased after the inspection of qualified products, so that the anti-theft safe really play the role of insurance.