The Development Of Electronic Locks

Electronic lock in the field of security technology to prevent, with anti-theft alarm function of the electronic code lock instead of the traditional mechanical lock, to overcome the mechanical password lock less password, the poor performance of the shortcomings of the password lock, Electronic Lock whether technically or in performance Are greatly improved step.

Electronic lock classification

Wired lock

According to the input password can be divided into the following categories:


Use the keyboard (or combination button) to enter the unlock password, easy to operate. Internal control circuits often use electronic lock ASICs. Change the password preset by changing the connection of the keyboard (or combination button) to the internal control circuit. Usually computer memory password up to 10,000 groups or more, the number can be any combination of replacement. You can also set up an alarm. This lock is used by anti-theft doors and anti-theft safes.

Dial style

Electronic Lock Use the mechanical dial switch to enter the unlock password. Many key-type electronic locks can be converted into dial-type electronic locks. If the number dialed wrong not only open, the alarm circuit will automatically turn on and send a signal. Electronic Lock But the kind of lock is not as fast as the key.

Electronic key type

Use the electronic key to enter (or as) the unlock password. The electronic key is an important part of the control circuit. Electronic key can be composed of components or components composed of unit circuits, made of small handheld unit form. Electronic key and the main control circuit can be sound, light, electromagnetic and other forms.

Electronic locks are an important part of the control circuit. Electronic key can be composed of components or components composed of unit circuits, made of small handheld unit form. Electronic key and the main control circuit, can be sound, light, electricity, magnetic and microwave in various forms. The electronic key of this lock is assembled with an electronic watch or solar calculator. When unlocking, you must operate the keys on the watch-type calculator to give the corresponding project names (such as valuables, doors, boxes, cars, offices), passwords, Electronic Lock and password data. The optical signal corresponding to the name code, the password and the password is outputted from a light emitting diode on the electronic key, fed into the key hole, and converted into an electric signal. The name codes, passwords and passwords are pre-stored in the memory of the electronic lock. Only the newly sent name code, password and password are identical to those in the memory to open the corresponding electronic lock.

Touch type

Use the touch method to enter the unlock password, easy to operate. Compared to the key switch, the touch switch has a long service life and low cost, thus optimizing the electronic lock control circuit. Electronic Lock Bimetal touch point using a password, good concealment, strong confidentiality. There are pseudo-key lock 5S function, you can drive the alarm. Using CMDS circuit, micro-power anti-interference ability.

Password recognition electronic lock

This electronic lock controls the lock of the lock by verifying the correctness of the input password. Its password error in the wrong times, with the system self-locking, and with automatic alarm function. Electronic Lock Password input can be divided into keyboard input and remote control input two.

Non-lock electronic locks, mainly used in logistics and transportation, storage, milk transport vehicles, armored vehicles, refrigerated trucks, drug transport, tobacco transport and other transport areas. Mainly used for truck doors, special car manhole cover and warehouse door, to ensure the transport or care of the security of goods to prevent theft. The electronic lock uses the mechanical lock body connection technology, the lock body built-in wireless transceiver module, when the lock body open, off, the wireless transceiver module will open, the lock signal remote transmission to the monitoring host. If the monitoring host receives the unlock signal appears in the abnormal period, then the signal is determined to be stolen and pry the signal, the monitoring host immediately generate alarm information, Electronic Lock so that the relevant personnel in a timely manner to deal with to prevent financial losses.

Electronic lock joint access control system has been introduced into the domestic market has more than 20 years of history, and has also been recognized and accepted by the vast number of consumers. Today, with the expansion of the scope of access control systems, access control systems are affecting people's daily lives. Has become a symbol of the quality of life. In particular, the demand for electronic locks for access control systems is increasing. "At the same time, the access control system as a people out of the community, office space and other buildings of the security barrier, its application is directly related to people's personal and property safety, access control system has become the necessary equipment for the major buildings.

Electronic lock compared to the traditional mechanical locks, the advantages are more and more prominent. Luo Chao said, "electronic lock more secure." It is understood that the development of mechanical locks has a long history, mechanical unlock technology is now very mature, and the whole set of locks easier to copy. Luo Chao introduced, "for mechanical locks, only need to buy a professional in the market to unlock the tool, and then a complex mechanical lock can be opened within a few minutes.But if the electronic lock, Electronic Lock you can to some extent to avoid these Security risks, mainly because now a lot of electronic locks at the same time with a time control and alarm function.

In addition, the electronic lock is more stable than the mechanical lock. Luo Chao said, "In the life of the electronic lock can switch more than 1 million times, the service life is longer and more stable than the mechanical lock." And the electronic lock is more convenient than the use of mechanical locks. Users can use an electronic access control card, ID card, fingerprint, and even the owner's face can be authorized to achieve the effect of opening the door, do not carry heavy and cumbersome mechanical keys.

Electronic lock market with the development of access control solutions to grow, electromagnetic locks and electric locks is the most common electronic locks, and access control system integration role. Luo Chao said, "electronic locks and access control system interdependence and common development, safe and reliable electronic lock on the development of access control market has a significant impact, can promote market users access to the access control system.