3C Certification Of The Safety Deposit Box Is?

3C known as "compulsory product certification system", it is the Governments to protect consumers ' personal security and national security, enhance product quality management, in accordance with the laws and regulations to implement a product conformity assessment system. So-called 3C certification, China compulsory product certification system. Is in need of attention, 3C sign is not a quality mark, but only the most basic of safety certification. Main content summarized into the following areas:
(1) in accordance with the relevant WTO agreements and international rules, national law relates to human health and safety, animal or plant life and health, and environmental protection and public safety uniform compulsory product certification system of products. Certification and Accreditation Commission for supervision and management is responsible for the national compulsory product certification system of management and implementation.
(2) the national compulsory product certification system's main feature is the national unified directory, determine the uniform application of national standards, technical regulations and implementation procedures, formulate a unified symbol of identity, provides standard charge. Where a product included in the list of mandatory product certification, certification bodies certified must be specified by the State, after you obtain the relevant certificate and add attestation marking, can be manufactured, imported, sold and in the operation and service use.
(3) according to China WTO commitment and reflected national treatment of principles, original two species system cover of products has 138 species, the announced of directory by deleting to has original included mandatory certification management of medical with ultrasound diagnosis and treatment equipment, 16 species products, increased has building with security glass, 10 species products, actual included directory of mandatory certification products total 132 species.
(4) the national compulsory product authentication uses uniform marks. New national compulsory certification mark known as the "China compulsory certification", the English name for the "China Compulsory Certification", initials can be referred to as the "3C" flag. China compulsory certification mark after implementation, will replace the original implementation of the "great wall" mark and "CCIB" signs.
(5) national unity to determine fees for compulsory product certification and standards. Development of new fees and charges, will be based not for profit and embody the principle of national treatment, considering the existing situation, outside and in the light of similar certification fees and charges.
(6) the compulsory product certification system was implemented on August 1, 2002, the certification body officially began accepting applications. The original product safety certification system and the import safety quality license system abolition with effect from August 1, 2003.