Cash Safe Buy Common Sense

Cash safe in the standard is defined as within a specified period of time under the conditions of resistance to non-normal access to mechanical, electronic locks cabinet. According to the safety level is divided into: A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, C a total of 6 categories, A1 security level minimum, should be able to prevent the use of ordinary hand tools, portable power tools and grinding head and these tools used in conjunction with the net work Time to open the door within 15 minutes or in the cabinet door, the cabinet caused 38 square centimeters through the hole. safety cashbox Class C safety level should be the highest, should be able to prevent the use of ordinary hand tools, portable power tools, grinding head and dedicated portable power tools, torch and explosives, in the net working hours within 60 minutes to open the door or in the cabinet, 13 square centimeters through-hole, safety cashbox the quality of not less than 45 kg.

Cash safe purchase:

Currently on the market most of the cash safe for the A1 class, a variety of shapes, styles of products, consumers can purchase according to need, regardless of what kind of cash safe products, consumers should pay attention to the following aspects :

① cash safe cabinet outside the surface of the film (or spray film) color should be uniform, can not have obvious cracks, bubbles, spots and other defects.

② cabinet height ≤ 600 mm cash safe, the door and the door frame on the right and left gap ≤ 1.5 mm, under the gap ≤ 2 mm, the gap over the General Assembly to reduce anti-theft performance.

③ Class A and Class B cash safe quality should be less than 34 kg when the installation of fixed holes, with fixed parts and instructions to fix the instructions, to be noted and timely instructions in accordance with the instructions fixed.

④ cash safe general door thickness of 8-10 mm, the cabinet thickness of 6 mm or more, safety cashbox so as to ensure the performance of anti-theft, the purchase should be asked to the store plate thickness.

Cash safe is a special container, the state of the cash safe (box) production has strict requirements, so the purchase of these requirements to have a preliminary understanding.

Cash safe wide, high and deep dimensions were less than 450mm, 320mm and 300mm, which is characterized by small size, light weight, with a certain anti-theft performance. It is easy to transport, installation, expansion bolts and other fixed devices with the ground or wall fixed, thieves is not easy to move. Inlaid anti-theft security box embedded in the wall, with a certain degree of concealment. safety cashbox Anti-theft safes are more suitable for use in hotels and families.

Cash safe size is greater than the above provisions, anti-theft performance is higher than the anti-theft safe, it is more suitable for organs, enterprises and institutions to use. Cash safe according to its protective performance can be divided into Class A, B and C 3 kinds. Which Class C anti-theft performance of the highest, A class lowest. Now most of the safes seen in the mall belong to class A cash safe.

Buy the cash safe to understand the following common sense:

1), steel plate selection: from the plate thickness, material, origin and other identification, which relates to the use of electric drill, cutting and sawing and other special tools to destroy, the safe (box) capacity.

2), forming and welding: This element relates to the cabinet and the gap between the door and the door frame, safety cashbox too large is the tamper function weakened.

3), rust treatment: This process is not handled properly, it will affect the appearance of the box, severe cases will cause damage to the function.

4), anti-theft agencies: This element is also the safel (box) the biggest feature, because the user in the box can not be aware of, but it is the technical barrier to prevent the fatal.

5), lock: If the anti-theft mechanism is a side, then the lock is the most important point, because the destruction of the lock and imitate the key will destroy the heart of the anti-theft agencies

6), auxiliary spare parts: spare parts should ensure the reliability of its handling to cope with the ever-changing use of the environment.

7), appearance: safe has gradually get rid of bulky, monotonous, safety cashbox organic combination with the home environment is the development trend of safe products.

8), the strength of manufacturers and brands: the brutal competition in the market so that the product survival of the fittest, only high-quality products to ensure that manufacturers remain invincible.

9), after-sales service: safe is a special commodity, it is a problem, we must have a dedicated, professional after-sales service team, in order to ensure that users at any time to worry about any worries