Why use safe deposit box (Cabinet)

According to market research many argue that there is no need to use safety deposit box (box). But regulators why companies have their own safe can it? This the reason why both a lot less trouble. There is at least some crooked thieves put a safe idea. In fact, families as well. The saying goes, "fiscal not exserted!" the existence of safe money at least will not leak, does not attract evil designs! security someone else safe! following case demonstrates how safe is also necessary for Oh!
Case study: Longquan safe when safe is no guarantee that property companies financial room "safe" was prized, losses of nearly 100,000 yuan. Surveys found that the safe door 3mm only, box or Tin, to weight filled with cement and sand, this is safe, but the so-called safe deposit box, and a fake. This "safe" encounter thieves with predictable results. Safe and safe is only one letter short, are almost the same shape, but security difference. Safe door steel thickness to 8mm, box thickness above 6mm, and must pass the State certification. And custody box is no standard, has is industry standard or enterprise standard, materials more cannot and insurance box compared, like door steel thickness fundamental cannot guarantee, market Shang custody box of door steel thickness Basic are in 2~3mm around, for no unified standard, some factory home more is Jerry, manufacturing fake products, as this enterprise by using of cement Tin custody box, such of "safe" How can provides security guarantees.
Case: timely acquisition safe guarantees property security with occurred Guangdong of enterprise theft, the enterprise safe and security monitoring room for has networking, midnight thieves success over wall avoid has monitoring camera and German Shepherd, the thieves has better of unlock skills, using unlock tool success damage security doors lock with, door House, however in tries to using unlock tool again damage safe Shi, is raised safe alarm, was enterprise security spot captured. Can see from the above cases, timely acquisition of safe effective protection of personal or business property. Another case is also very telling in Fuzhou, a community night scene captured by a thief. After the burglars had succeeded in stealing the two-family home in the third family tried to open the safe, and triggered alarm, woke up homeowners with community security forces successfully escaped Thief caught, sent to the public security organs. Also has with Guangdong a high-end closed Villa community within two owners home in the was stolen, which a owners home in the gold jewelry, dollars, and cash, and high-end watches, precious items furniture was thieves looted, total value near million Yuan, and another a owners for precious items are lock into insurance box within, only a only are charging of phone and piecemeal bulk money was stolen, exploration Hou found, thieves using community outside and community within of trees, auxiliary to rope, tool from community monitoring camera above wall and into, theft success Hou and from original road returns. From this case is not difficult to find, previous owners believe too much of the community's security protection resulting in huge losses of property and owners are proactive preparation, purchase and proper use of the safety deposit box in a timely manner, so as to avoid large losses in the property itself.