What to note when choosing a safe password

In this age of advanced information technology, people's privacy with less protection, technology and excellence, information leaks way more and more: Diary of the encryption, u disk, computer encryption, mobile encryption. But no amount of encryption device, will crack and even beyond. So do we have any privacy at all?, family safe combination lock again to get attention. Small knitted together with everybody to get to know the safe password security!
For the safe electronic lock, compared to electronic locks and mechanical code, mechanical code lock enter the inconvenience and password provided at the factory by the manufacturer, individuals unable to independently change the password, the insecurity of these shortcomings lead directly to the safe. Traditional of family with safe in must time within are can open, key easy lost, password type of also easy was decipher or lost password, so to has alternate password, alternate password should handed credible of people, some family with safe can set 2~3 sets password, each sets password are can open family with safe, both can prevent password lost caused of trouble, and can caters to family with safe in special situation Xia for several people while using of needs. To prevent thieves break passwords, we can use high password, it is also safe for domestic use is one of the core components, circuit chips with more than 10 billion combination password digits generally tend to be high, and can provide up to 10 billion combinations, almost thieves cannot be deciphered.
Advanced settings in addition to passwords, we have to prevent from other areas, such as installation of automatic warning devices, home safe alarm feature, she will be free to switch, in the case of moving or impact are activated and an alarm sounds to tell people. In addition, standby emergency key lock and spare is also very important, many home safes electronic password user password is lost under or the battery runs out, you can use the emergency opening function opens the home-electronics password safe.
Followed by a mechanical lock safe security setting. Mechanical lock safe password is set and cannot be modified. All bought after the next password safe to remove. Remember users believe that safe place. Be sure to remember the password if password forgotten mechanical lock is generally can't open only Depot, which is cumbersome for users. But only that her privacy was good! all electronic and mechanical lock safe password safe have their pros and cons. First thing to consider when we are buying!
Above is the simple presentation on safe password security question, you set a password in and buy safe if you happen to notice, so that it can more effectively protect personal privacy, is safe to use more secure,