Safe, simple security tips

In recent years, as the economic level of Chinese residents has increased, a growing number of consumers are concerned about their family's property, which also urged the hot sales of safes and other security industry. A growing number of consumers in order to purchase safe home security, of course, to make your property a lock, but awareness is equally important!
Below we highlight a number of anti-theft tips
1. improve the neighborhood, take care of each other.
2. install regular factory production of doors and Windows as possible.
3. the hidden locations home safe at home as much as possible to keep the cash, books, jewelry and other valuables, safe passwords or keys it is best not to let children know and have.
4. prevent unreasonable layout provides an opportunity for criminals around the House, such as cottage shed built downstairs, or the bottom with prominent security net, and so on.
5. home maintenance, delivery, gift man, to be identified. Teach your child not to give strangers the door.
6. clean insert in the door, the door knob on the advertisements, flyers. If cleaning is not timely, would be thieves think long-term unmanned bold theft.
7. don't have house keys hanging on the child's neck, it was easy for thieves to defraud the key opportunity; not to throw the keys lost keys to replace the door lock.
8. learn to confuses. Short night the whole family goes out, best with the light, or with the TV on; when they go out for a long time, can hang some clothes on the balcony.
9. find a nurse to check his ID card, and for it to carry out the temporary account.
10. as discovered the theft, don't be too quick to count property, to protect the site and seize police.