Safe security in your recipe

At present, there are still equipped with a safety deposit box (box) of the company or individual is still theft, we carefully and found many stolen, leading to what are the factors of safety deposit box be burglarized?? Think is the company or individual in the safe use and management in the many risks, problems frequently arise are the following should be used with caution.
1, safety deposit box (box) use: use safe staff and miscellaneous cases, confidentiality would be bad, easy to create cryptographic keys leak and loss of property. Shall have full-time staff, full-time opening personnel.
2, the safe key management: key can be used respectively by the safe sector and Corporate Security Department custody, Security Department should hold. For example, there were only focused on security management in the financial sector, defend, they have not a good storage system, certain lawless elements have a chance when he stole after the override key, it is easily bypassed password, open the safe.
3, safe password manager: password safe should not be set in stone, if the structure is not a fixed password safe, then it should be the right time to change the password, such as teller jobs, keep staff turnover, high degree of custody of property should also change your password on a regular basis. The password was not changed after the factory, or property management, high turnover, and often in many cases open password, password are easily compromised.
4, there is no safe fixed placement: placed after some units and individuals to purchase safe, there is no time fixed according to installation requirements, even tapes the stolen property to move out. So when you purchase safe if you're less than 340 kg weight, fixed mounting holes should be adopted in accordance with the requirements in a timely manner, with fixing accessories safe fixed to the wall or hard to move on the fixture, is a security move. Or in one's sight is also available.
5, and safe (box) password set: some property management personnel and safe using who, thought safe set has password on not exists stolen of problem has, but password set of security degrees also directly effect with safe of Defense capacity, bit number long, digital repeat rate low of password security degrees high, easily was cracked, and bit number short, set simple of password is easy let people through and easily breakthrough safe of Defense, as some safe using who figure memory convenient, with phone number or often with of digital and so on as password, Results be quickly cracked by thieves to use their brains.
6, do a safe daily use system setting: only related systems, can have according to the law to do so. For example: holidays with more than two days or departure of persons from more than two days have not sent someone to work on its behalf, shall be affixed at the safe lock hole seal in place when opening. There was due to the lack of a management system of enterprises, incur stolen several days before they can be found.
7, there is no purchase required safe: some units and individuals have safe is a universal concept, even as prices will be safe when safe, and everyone knows there's a great security risk. Safe has different of security level, in acquisition and using safe Shi, on should according to himself to placed of property value acquisition and using different security level of safe, weierxin recommends store 5 million Yuan following to select national standards in the c level standard, store 2 million Yuan following to select B3 level standard, store 1 million Yuan following to select B2 level standard, store 500,000 yuan following select B1 level standard, store 300,000 yuan following select A2 level standard, store 100,000 yuan following select A1 level standard, For 10,000 yuan choose Safe standards.