Safe purchase mistakes should pay attention

1. safe usually keep appearance clean on can, is without maintenance of many of customer buy has safe zhihou on put in there regardless of has, with of when on open once, without has has may placed several months are regardless of it has, actually safe is need maintenance of, following I on said about safe of daily maintenance: to confidential and remember opened password; to protection good "management key"; to retained manufacturers service phone; to keep spoon hole clean, do not forced opened; to regularly replaced battery; To avoid affecting the powerful impact alarm works and lives; appropriate place in inconspicuous locations, please choose to install alarm devices. Proper use and maintenance, safe in the age and appearance can be protected.
2. freeloaders
Safety deposit box is not an ordinary device, as the saying goes "a penny, a quality" safe is the same, cabinets of the same size, and prices are more than 10 times the difference visible quality of General, weierxin recommends that you, the company purchased 70cm safe, priced between 2000-3000, only to protect the valuables of the company. 3,500 cabinet is generally not good. Unless you just want a device.
3. family do not need the safe
Currently the family purchased the safe ratio is around 20%, and family safe in some developed countries share is as high as 50%-60%, Chinese family valuables storage storing safety consciousness has been cannot be ignored, and high-end residential main rendezvous of the thief, so family-safe is a good place for your valuables.
Four: sinking the safe the better
Some friends think insurance box (Cabinet), the heavier the better! you know what? it's not.
4. if you are made of steel, of quality locks and accessories on the same case, Ken is the weight the better! instead of one filled with cement safes and steel, and is likely to hold the weight of cement. Customers are buying insurance, buy assured! rather than to buy a thin iron clad concrete pimple. Again, buy insurance box (Cabinet) of different type, necessarily varies in weight, consumers should choose the size that fits your place and style, rather than just focus on weight, for example, if installed on the ground floor, heavy safe easy to crush the floor. When becoming more homes in safe, weight for the safety deposit box is no longer the most important factor, may halve than the original safe weight, ability to withstand attack was several times more than the original. Therefore, the overall performance than simple weight indicator to better measure the quality of product quality. Consumers, therefore, has the correct method of measuring quality when choosing a safe to get out of buying mistakes, buy really suitable for their own products.
5. safety deposit boxes, information, antimagnetic cabinets are not the same
Now many companies are equipped with the information, a lot of people think there are information cabinets don't have safe, safe and information counters are not the same, safe is mainly used for security, some passing fire. Therefore focused on precision, manufacture of steel locks thickened, locking bolt bold properties of security strengthening. Information is mainly used to save important information medium, such as paper, disk, optical, precision instruments and so on. Focus fire, moisture-proof, antimagnetic, anti-static functions strengthened.
Safe function: Security fire;
Information function: fireproof antimagnetic.
Magnetically shielded cabinets is mainly to prevent CD disks to be magnetized.