Safe electronic lock

Each safety deposit box (box) electronic lock has its special features, most of the electronic code lock on the market.
According to the appearance, electronic locks can be divided into light series electronic combination lock and LCD series electronic combination lock.
Feature of the former is relatively inexpensive, stable performance, mainly applied to conventional storage cabinets (box), with relatively large because exports (box) to compete a lot, the kind of Cabinet (box) is also known as junk (box), this type of Cabinet (box) most used led electronic locks. LCD display of the latter appearance more beautiful and complete function, usually with a clock display, alarm, open records and query functions, some liquid crystal display panel looks quite beautiful, safe at home or business for most of its Cabinet, with its unique exterior decoration on the safe, cabinet (box) whole sell for a good price.
According to the driving mode, electronic locks can be divided into electro-magnet series electronic combination lock and motor-driven series electronic combination lock. After former principle is when the password is entered correctly, electromagnets known to pull-in the solenoid, now known as the open State, works with magnet mechanism through the knob lock or cross, Hexagon lock the rotation to open the door. Which works for when the password entered is correct, motor directly drives the bolt back, can open the door.
Swipe lock most with digital display, its main apply hotels safety deposit box (box), mainly driven by the motor. Convenient for guests to use their own bank card safe (box) switch. Open door mode door for passwords, credit card, or you can set to interactive mode, is the card password in order to open the door. General credit card lock is equipped with a handheld device, is when the button is damaged or the customer forgot password, staff can be opened through a handheld device to facilitate customer use.
Remote control wireless remote control and infrared remote control lock lock lock is generally divided into two kinds, its main feature is the equivalent to the operation of the electronic code lock keyboard is transfers to remote control it. Wireless remote control lock installed in cabinets (box) can wear out, there are some antenna, can be sensitive to signals, because the metal shield. Locked outside of the door with a infrared remote control IR sensor can, which makes modification of panel mounted on the outside. When you use the remote control to enter the password is correct, motor inside to open the door. The drive motor. Such locks most in car safety deposit box (box) and home hidden safes (boxes). Currently not used widely in the industry, but prospects.
Fingerprint-fingerprint lock is generally divided into optical and semiconductor fingerprint, the former is prevalent in the country, general operating mode the optical head emits red light or green light to distinguish human fingers, and extremely user-friendly to use, highlight the upscale, there's no need to remember passwords, break locks and cumbersome mode, just a finger to press to open the door. Most of its high-end cabinets above, the fingerprint chip prices are higher, so lock the price is not low. Optical Fingerprint also has certain drawbacks, is sometimes dry weather and fingers is not easy to identify the body, mouth blew on the side you want to open the door. There is unidentifiable fingerprint is when other people if your fingerprints with fingerprint access to, can open the door. But the probability is small, users can rest assured that use. Semiconductor fingerprint size is relatively small, than the wide range of recognition, especially on dry fingerprint users are more obvious. But higher requirements on environment, easily scratched scrap. More commonly used for the special care facilities (such as banks) and products (such as mobile phones, laptops), the service life is shorter than many of the semiconductors. Customers in the selection of references.