Privacy is dealt with how some common problems

Confidentiality confidentiality of Cabinet is used to place files in our daily lives, is also often used, convenient, what problems when using it?
First, emergency opening of confidential Cabinet method
If you forget your passwords or electronic lock battery, when confidential Cabinet does not function, please take the measures:
1. battery compartment cover levels out.
2. remove the battery compartment, insert the emergency key.
3. correct rotation of the main lock with keys to open the door, and then insert the lock key (emergency key will not lock into the secret Cabinet)
Second, not shut the door of the secret cabinet do?
Confidential Cabinet won't shut the door can be resolved as follows:
1. too many confidential Cabinet cupboard storage, door and dash storage. Orderly arrangement confidential cabinet storage.
2. door hinges horizontal push rod does not reset, ejector pins have collided with right door frame. Horizontal top bar left and right direction behind the door reset several times.
3. the lock bolt is out of locked. Press door operation lock latch back and close again.
4. place tilt confidential Cabinet, door and door frame scratches. Place the safes and cabinets level.
5. the cover fixing screws behind the door drop, shell down dash and door frames. Check cover is loose, tighten set screws.
Above are problems in secure cabinets in use, as well as solutions, I hope everyone according to the correct method to use, and can save you a lot of time, can also extend the life of confidential Cabinet.