Popularization of safe

Some idea or stay in former times the safe is a sign of the rich, is the land of deposited money and jewelry and other valuables. But I'm telling you now safety deposit box is not is a sign of the rich, the same safe is no longer the exclusive jewelry, valuables and money. Safe has been democratized, whether you believe it or not, you can be said to have a safe at home is rich yet? this is negative, so the safe has been democratized, you can also move a safe home, store the items you need.
Burglar safes come in all shapes, styles currently on the market, consumers can buy as needed, regardless of the style of purchase anti-theft safe products, consumers should pay attention to the following aspects:
1. anti-theft insurance case of surface coatings (or spray coating) color should be uniform, there must be no visible defects such as cracks, robe, spots.
2. electronic alarm electronic anti-theft lock box should be at least one, but not using a magnetic card lock.
3. the use of carbon structural steel plate case (and doors), steel plate tensile strength not less than 345Mpa. Plate thickness: class a is not less than 6mm; B not less than 8mm, the use of high strength low alloy structural steel plate case (and doors), the thickness of the steel plate: a grade less than 4mm; B not less than 6mm.
4. open the safe door angle less than 90 degrees. The maximum gap between door leaf and door frame is not more than 2mm. Box, two side surfaces flatness is not greater than 2.5mm, the door leaf surface flatness is not more than 1.5mm.
5. electronic code lock can transfer, can use multiple passwords and a multi-level management, entering the wrong code 3 times, auto-lock or alarm.
6. consumers can consult the technical data refer to the store and control to further identify the quality of the product is qualified.