How to use safety deposit box?

Now more and more need to be safe, but how to use the safety deposit box is a science, in the safe should be used to pay attention to what problem? small series and your say!
(1) safety deposit box management. Safe is usually authorized by the Treasurer or Finance Director, managed by the cashier.
(2) safety deposit box key features. The safe must be equipped with two keys, one kept by the Treasurer, for cashier work daily use; another guard referred to the hold, or by the chief accountant or Finance Director responsible for the custody, after approval by the leadership for an emergency opening. Teller insurance denied the keys cannot be referred to others for safekeeping.
(3) safety deposit box opened. The safe must be opened by the cashier, not tellers may not open the safe. Unit chief accountant or financial director tellers need to check check cash limits, other special circumstances need to open the safe, should be in accordance with the procedures set out by the chief accountant or financial director opening. In normal circumstances, shall be arbitrarily opened by the cashier in charge of using the safety deposit box.
(4) the custody of property. Every day before work, teller of its use should be blank checks, receipts, seals in the safe the money. Safe storage of cash should be set up and register a cash receipts journal, other securities, bank books, bills, according to the species with respect to registration, valuables should be set up by type, reference books, registration of the quality, weight and amount of all property should be checked against the record books. As a rule, shall not store personal belongings insurance refused.
(5) safety deposit box password. Tellers should keep itself safe password strictly confidential and shall not be leaked to others, so as to avoid the use of others. Cashier transfer when new cashier should use the new password.
(6) the safe stolen. Teller found that the safe was stolen, should protect the scene and report to the public security organs, public security organs robbery after the main site to clear the property is stolen. Holidays for two days or more, or a cashier to leave more than two days, did not send a person in his work, safe lock hole should be affixed the seal, the teller working to expose. If seal is torn or the lock is broken, should be promptly reported to police or security departments, to public security or defence Department to identify and record.